UCONN & Mansfield Relationship

with Charles Vidich, President, Charles Vidich Associates
Richard Sherman, Arch. Designer, Appropriate Designs
Pat Suprenant, Former Editor of Mansfield Independent News

October 11, 2017

Segment 1: UCONN & Mansfield Relationship

with Mansfield Residents Charles Vidich & Richard Sherman

September 13, 2017

Bill Roe Lack of Progress

Mansfield, CT. Small town Mansfield likes rural atmosphere with family neighborhoods. Town residents want to reduce number of student rentals in traditional neighborhoods. Top nationwide concern for host towns to colleges. University of Connecticut houses only 51% of total students which leaves circa 12,000 students to find off-campus housing in town of 11,000. Rental businesses will not make good long term investments.

Toni Moran Asks for Details of Off Campus Parties

Town Council woman and Chairwoman of Ad Hoc Rental Enforcement Committee helps seek solutions to Town/University of Connecticut balance. Number of dorms is insufficient for number of students brought to area. More than 12,000 students do not have oncampus housing.

Janell Mullen and John Armstrong ITGA Recap

Mansfield, CT neighborhoods are impacted by student rentals. Party scene moves from Hunting Lodge Rd to family neighborhoods. Town Gown solutions sought to balance Town and University of Connecticut needs. Town seeks more ON campus housing.

Town Council Members Questions to Janell Mullen & John Armstrong

Town Council members discuss ITGA Conference summary.