Step by Step Instructions

Party in the neighborhood? Loud music, you feel the bass, permanent traffic from sober rides?

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Get the street name and house number.
  2. View the property card at the Town of Mansfield GIS map to see background information on date of purchase, current owner, sale price, and whether there is an efficiency/in-law/2 family, etc.
  3. Check the Rental Occupancy Limit list  to find out how many residents are allowed at that address.
  4. Email the Town of Mansfield Assistant Planner and Zoning Enforcement Officer Janell Mullen to let her know how many cars are normally at the residence in the morning. A pattern of many cars in the morning indicates how many people are residing there. Guests who frequently stay overnight at the residence may be deemed occupants for the purpose of determining compliance with the maximum occupancy regulations.
  5. Check the parking plan for the rental in question online or email Town Clerk Sara Ann Chaine and ask for a copy. Some people request the last 1-2 years of correspondence which may contain indications of the use of the properties. According to the Building and Housing Department, the parking plan has to be displayed in the dwelling unit so that the tenants should be aware of it.
  6. Observe the number of cars in the morning (best before 7 am) to determine how many people are living in the rental. Keep a log. You may want to take photos (best before 7 am)Photos help the Zoning Department clarify the cars are the same and it is currently standard practice to use photographs as evidence. Cell phone cameras work well. Indicate the date and time on the photos and keep them in chronological order. The application “Date Stamper” works for this.
  7. Determine if the tenants are a fraternity or sorority. UConn has a special team to deal with Greek housing (Greek Life Director). Fraternity and Sororitiy activities, lodging, or assemblage are not allowed in most residential zones in Mansfield. Ask the Zoning Agent which zone you are in and what the permitted uses are in your zone.
  8. Visit Town Hall. Let them know your concern for your neighborhood. Town Council Meetings are every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. At the beginning of each meeting there is time for public comment. You can read a letter during that time.

Email us if you have confidential questions.